University of Exeter, UK

Prof. Anna Baldycheva

Prof. Anna Baldycheva is an associate professor in EEE and a head of the STEMM Labs at the University of Exeter. STEMM Labs is a highly interdisciplinary academic research lab working on the applied R&D of smart technologies for real-world applications. STEMM Labs actively cooperates with industry representatives, specifically conducting applied research that can be expeditiously commercialized and introduced rapidly to the market.
Head of STEMM AI Lab, Exeter

Kate Berseneva

Kate Berseneva is a researcher in EEE and head of the STEMM AI Lab at the University of Exeter. The STEMM AI Lab’s research interests extend from the development of high-accuracy computational calculations and the integration of machine learning to integrating AI into real-word ecosystems of fintech, healthcare, and communications.
MIT Computer Science & AI Lab

Prof. Daniela Rus

Managing Director Global Strategic Alliances

Lori Glover

Marketing and Events Manager, MIT CSAIL Alliances

Jessica Gibson