Terms and Conditions 


The content of the website is for your general information and use only. It is subjected to change without notice.

Once registered towards the conference, STEMM Ltd can use names and affiliations of the speakers in the promotional materials and website.

Postponement/alteration/substitution of the event:

  • STEMM Ltd is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of substitution, alteration or cancellation/postponement of an event. In the unlikely event of cancellation or postponement of the conference due to circumstances beyond reasonable control, STEMM Ltd cannot be held responsible for any cost, damage or expense which may be incurred by registrants as a consequence of the event being postponed or cancelled. Due to any unavoidable circumstances, if there is a change in the venue of the conference, all the registered participants will be intimated immediately regarding the change.
  • If STEMM Ltd postpones an event for any reason and you are unable or unwilling to attend on rescheduled dates, you will receive a credit for 100% of the registration fee paid. You may use this credit for another STEMM Ltd event which must occur within one year from the date of postponement.
  • Conference Organisers cannot accept refund requests from the conference delegates/attendees that result from cancelled flights and/or natural disasters/calamities. The Organisers will have the right to cancel/postpone the conference during natural disasters/calamities. In this case, the STEMM Ltd conferences will provide an opportunity for the registered delegates/attendees to transfer their registration fee to any future/related conferences.


In case if the Conference proceedings are published in the peer-reviewed Conference volume, the following policy is applied:

  • Registrant submits Conference proceeding for peer-review prior to the Conference in accordance with the official Conference proceeding publication schedule.
  • The Conference proceedings publication is subject to one peer-review round. All submitted papers will be reviewed by at least two independent reviewers. The reviewers are encouraged to give constructive comments and suggestions to the authors. The registrants of accepted papers will receive the review comments and recommendations.
  • The Conference proceeding is accepted for publication in Conference volume if and only if:
  • The registrant manuscript is submitted in accordance with the format of the official Conference proceeding template.
  • All recommendations and comments by reviewers are implemented by authors into the manuscript draft.
  • The registrant presents a related talk at the Conference.

Force Majeure:

If STEMM Ltd is prevented from carrying out its obligations as it pertains to the conference you registered for as a result of any cause beyond its control, or such conference cannot be held or does not occur due to acts of God, strikes, labour disputes, government requisitions, restrictions or regulations on travel, hotel or facility availability, commodities or supplies, war or apparent act of war, terrorism, disaster, insurrection or riot, earthquake, sabotage, change of law, civil disorder, epidemic or pandemic, curtailment or restriction on transportation facilities, or any other comparable calamity, casualty or condition (collectively a “Force Majeure”) STEMM Ltd shall have the right to immediately terminate the affected Conference without liability and shall be relieved of its obligations to Registrant.

If the affected Conference is terminated due to a Force Majeure occurrence before the first day of the Conference, then STEMM Ltd will reschedule the affected Conference, if and as practical under the circumstances, and your registration fee will be applied to the rescheduled Conference. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled Conference, then you may transfer the registration fee you paid, upon written notification to the management, towards another Conference. STEMM Ltd reserves the right, at its discretion, to approve or deny such registration fee transfer requests. If there is a difference in the registration fees between the affected Conference and the alternative Conference, the difference in the registration fees will be charged or refunded, as applicable, on the credit, you used to register for the affected Conference. STEMM Ltd shall not be liable to any person for any damages, costs, or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, accommodations costs, or financial losses. Force Majeure is defined as any unforeseen occurrence that renders performance of the event impossible, inadvisable, illegal or impracticable.

Refund policy:

  • Registration Refund: 

If a registrant is unable to attend the conference for any reason they may substitute, by arrangement with STEMM Ltd, someone else to attend in their place.

If STEMM Ltd postpones an event for any reason and you are unable or unwilling to attend on rescheduled dates, you will receive a credit for 100% of the total amount paid. You may use this credit for another STEMM Ltd event which must occur within one year from the date of postponement.

If the registrant is unable to attend and is not in a position to transfer his/her participation to another person or event, then the following refund arrangements apply:

Keeping in view of advance payments towards Venue, Printing, Shipping, Hotels and other overheads, we had to keep Refund Policy is as following :

Before 60 days of the conference: Eligible for Full Refund less €100 service Fee

Within 60-30 days of Conference: Eligible for 50% of payment Refund  less €100 service Fee

Within 30 days of Conference: Not eligible for Refund

E-Poster Payments will not be refunded.

  • Publication Refund: 

Publication fees are non-refundable. In case if the publication is not submitted or the submitted publication is not compliant with the Publication policy, described above, publication fees are not refundable.

Certificate of Attendance:

All participants of the events, who have attended the conference, can request the Certificate of Attendance. The Certificate of Attendance is issued only by request from the participant within 1 week from the last day of the conference.


Once registered towards any conference organised by STEMM Ltd, the participant automatically joins the STEMM Global Scientific Community, i.e. names, affiliations and emails of the participants are added to the STEMM Global Scientific Community Database. See Privacy Policy for details on how personal data is managed and protected.