With the right technologies, siloes vanish and patients can be treated more accurately.

Medicine is becoming translational; that entails putting research at the patient’s bed.

Interdisciplinarity is emerging: scientists, doctors, pharmacists and techs need to work together to focus on the patient’s welfare.

Breaking the siloes means standardizing and structuring medical data: AI and machine learning algorithms are now used for omics data, imaging, medical reports…

Living data with IOMT is a necessary tool for the recovery of the patient at home; Computer vision and robotics are now a part of rehabilitative medicine; 3D is used for building digital hospitals… Heat maps are necessary tools to optimize the use of technologies in medicine specialties.

Usage cases are numerous, medical data sharing is the biggest problem of MedTech and BioTech, and therefore the first technical gap to solve.

Interdisciplinary teams and mixed ecosystems must be built to secure the rise of new useful technologies in Deep tech for the best interest of the patient

The symposium programme will incorporate the following topics:

  • AI and Machine Learning in Data structuring
  • AI Algorithms in Imaging and Diagnostics
  • Blockchain and Omics Data
  • Explosion of IOT and IOMT Data with Connected Health
  • Robotics and Cobotics
  • Interoperability Platforms to Build Complete Services  
  • AR/VR for Pain Management or Surgery Training Sessions
  • Biobanks and Medical Databanks